Soar Recovery: Critical Mass Assimilator — Community Proposal

The Liquidity Migrator is the first LP to LP swapper in the crypto market, solving this issue for those who owned liquidity pool tokens and want a seamlessly migration between them.

Nevertheless, the reality is that people who invests into liquidity pools are a low percentage compared to all those who only buy the token itself.

Since marketing in Dextools started, a lot of users had joined our telegram chat looking for a solution for their rug-pulled tokens and we weren’t able to help them. We now have evidence that solving this has a lot of demand and it would be a gamechanger in the crypto ecosystem.


Rug-pulled people want to recover some value for their useless tokens.


You can’t exchange something valuable for nothing without losing value yourself.

How can we solve this problem?

To be honest, there’s practically nothing to do with dead tokens to recover value out of them.

We could gift value through free rewards like direct airdrops or inflation; however, we also risk to lose value for our own.

However, if we create potential value through the interaction of all the tools in the Soar ecosystem and offer that possible income in exchange for the worthless tokens, we could be able to attract a lot of people into the project with that promise; all without losing it for current holders.

Soar Recovery: Critical Multi-Chain Mass Assimilator

This concept idea proposes to create a multi-chain tool in where rug pulled investors could exchange their worthless tokens for “recovery shares”, these shares, stored in your soar account, would grant access to monthly airdrops, but in order to activate them, you will be asked to hold $200 dollars of soar lp tokens per recovery share and lock them for one month to be eligible for the next airdrop. Your yield and soarx farming will still be yours.

Benefits of this system:

  1. We avoid the consequent dumping of common airdrops thanks to the fact that we create commitment from rug-pulled investors.
  2. We sustainably increase Soar value in the process instead of just wasting it since soar must be bought, liquidity provided and locked in order to participate in the airdrop, this will increase price and distribution, compensating the airdrop investment.
  3. We give to the rug-pulled investors some value back for their investment with the possibility of obtaining even more.
  4. We create something new in the crypto ecosystem that solves a major problem with a lot of possible market absorption.
  5. We indirectly create a list of rug-pulled projects so we have a better control of the absorbing target.
  6. Tokens will be safe because they will be locked by a smart contract and always linked to your address.
  7. Trading volume will significantly increase since a lot of movements must to be done.
  8. Liquidity will increase.

How this will work?

First, a value for the rug-pulled token is assigned by a system explained in step three. This will have some tested parameters to avoid bad acting.

Then, investors will be able to exchange their worthless tokens for recovery shares. Next, they will have to send $200 worth of eth or bnb (at that moment) or $200 worth of Soar LP tokens into the Soar Recovery Interface, after that, it will be swaped into Soar LP tokens and be locked for one month to activate the recovery shares.

Every 1st day of each month, a fixed airdrop of 10k dollars of soar (price of that day) will be executed. If you activate your shares a day before the airdrop, your LP tokens will still be locked for one month, it doesn’t matter. You will be eligible for the very next airdrop at the time you lock, but it will be always a month. If you want to participate into the next month airdrop, you will have to lock more tokens again.

3k dollars in Soar will be delivered to one lucky person.

1k dollars in Soar will be delivered to two investors.

5k will be split in $200 and 25 investors will receive them.

All this will be done by a decentralized smart contract to ensure transparency and safety.

If one of your activated recovery shares wins a price, it will be instantly burned and you will still get back your locked LP soar at unlock time.

If you don’t have any rug-pulled tokens to get recovery shares, you will have to buy a ticket for $25 soar worth. Those $25 in soar will be send to the pool, increasing its value.

Wouldn’t Soar price will decrease since we are gifting 10k in soar every month?

Not really since not everybody who gets an airdrop will necessarily sell their soar, and even so, if at least 500 recovery tokens are activated, that means that 100k dollars in Liquidity will be locked for one month, increasing the soar’s price $0.1 dollars for one month, giving stability to the price.

We also will get a lot hype from rug-pulled investors since we are giving a solution to one missing spot in the market, so more people will come into the project increasing price even further.

These 10k airdrops could be seen as marketing investments and donations to a good cause.

Step by step guide to use the Soar Recovery tool

  1. You have to access into the Soar Recovery interface in the Soar Dashboard, from here you can manage all the tools of this feature.

2. Then, you have to look if your rug-pulled token is already on the list, if don’t, you will have to register it.

3. To register a token, you just will need to copy their address and the system will scan it.

We will take PENIS finance as example.

System will scan all holder list.

Then it will exclude uniswap tokens and addresses with more than 5% of the supply, like these ones.

After that, the mean token supply between all of them will be extracted and divided by 3, that will be the value assigned for that token.

For example, this token has a mean distribution of 4192 tokens per address. It will be divided by 3 and the result is 1397.

1937 PENIS tokens will be worth one recovery share.

If you don’t complete one entire recovery share with your rug-pulled tokens, you will have to lock more soar lp tokens to a max of $400 per share.

For example, if you only have 669 PENIS, you will need to stack $332 dollars to activate your token since you only complete the 34% of a recovery token.

669/ 1937 * 100 = 34 %

200 min — 400max | 200 difference

34% of 200 = 68

200–68= 132

132 + 200 = 332

4. After registering a token and conecting your wallet, now you can swap your rug-pulled token for Soar Recovery shares in the interface.

5. Then you will now have to lock your soar lp tokens to activate your tokens.

After locking, your recovery tokens will be active for the next airdrop and your LP tokens yielding and farming soarx.

This project has the potential to boost soar adoption, solve a project with a lot of demand and increase soar demand and liquidity for the airdrop.

The LM could also be integrated into this tool. If you migrate your liquidity, you will also get recovery shares.

Thank you for reading to this point, any feedback would be apreciated and I hope for the best interest of us all this gets the attention of the community and devs.





28 | Crypto Project Developer

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28 | Crypto Project Developer

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