How to buy Soar ( in Uniswap

Are you into buying soar but it is your first time purchasing tokens outside major exchanges?

Don’t worry, with this step by step guide, you will save a lot of time and gas fees in possible errors.

If you are already familiarized with obtaining crypto from Uniswap, you may be getting error messages, so this guide will be useful to you as well.

If you already know how to withdraw Eth from major exchange and you have your personal ERC20 address, go to step 5.

1. First of all, you must first have an account in a major exchange like Binance or Coinbase.

Referral links: Binance | Coinbase

2. After setting your account, then you have to buy in Eth the amount you want to invest into SOAR. Remember that gas fees are going to be charged in the Eth network, one for sending your token, other for token use aproval and another for swapping it, take that into consideration.

3. Create your own Eth address; I suggest using Metamask since it is the most used one.

For extra info in how to install Metamask, click here.

4. Withdraw your Eth from major exchange into your personal wallet. Make sure you are sending your Eth in the Eth mainnet and not into the BEP2 or BEP20 one. Also, double check your Eth address wallet to avoid possible errors.

For extra info for withdrawing, click here for Binance and here for Coinbase

5. Once you have the Eth in your metamask, is time for swapping it for Soar. Soar is an ERC20 token, so your Eth address will be compatible with it.

First, go to Uniswap and select the correct pair, it is this one.

Then, click in the configuration button and change slippage into 2%.

*Optional: Also increase transaction deadline to 40 minutes if you observe that the traffic in the Eth mainnet is high, but with a correct set of a normal gas fee it shouldn’t take that long.

After that, close the configuration window and input the amount of Eth you want to swap. Use round numbers without decimals to avoid possible errors.

Then click swap, approve Uniswap to use your Eth and then, approve the transaction.

Remember to left enough Eth in your address to pay the transaction fee, if not, it won’t be possible to make it.

Wait for confirmation and, it’s done.

This slippage and decimal change has to be done due the frictionless reward mechanism that soar token has. Soar will charge 1% for every transaction and will distribute that fee among all holders.

The reward will be send into your Eth address automatically in real time, there’s no need to do anything else. The more you hold, the more you will receive.

To monitor Soar in your metamask account, insert this token address in the “add a token” section:


You can also use the Dashboard provided by

That’s all, enjoy your soar.

If you still have some doubts about how the functionality of SOAR, the mainnet, what is an ERC20 token or Uniswap, there’s some extended information here.

Walter Ayala

Telegram: @Walitz




28 | Crypto Project Developer

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28 | Crypto Project Developer

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